‘Beyonce Celebrates Brown Skinned Girls!’ By Nomsa Motale

“Brown skin girl, ya skin just like pearls” – (BROWN SKIN GIRL, Beyoncé, SAINt JHN & Wizkid Ft. Blue Ivy Carter)

The beauty of this song (BROWN SKIN GIRL) is not only detailed on the magical drum beats and stunning composition of how the entire song allows Wizkid and Beyonce to tell a relatable story, this song represents a time of appreciation and acknowledgment and validation for all the dark-skinned girls out there who have felt ostracized, discriminated, treated like an online fetish, described as food or fruit particles.

For dark-skinned girls who were told, “You are pretty for a dark-skinned girl” or made to feel.less than because they didn’t fit the perfect narrative of modern beauty.

What Beyonce did on that song, is powerful because she is not a dark skin girl, but instead, she used privilege to validate dark-skinned girls. She could have easily used the “all girls are treated the same” angle or go through the same struggles. But she didn’t! Instead, she affirmed not only her daughter but all the other dark-skinned girls out there.

The fact that Beyonce created this song to create a conversation about socio privilege, is the reason why music will continue to be the strongest form of influence and communication tool!

Her artistry is impeccable and not forgetting how the talented Wizkid created his own flow on the song to give it an authentic African touch.

We salute Bey for reminding dark-skinned girls to believe in themselves when they are constantly not trying to drown in self-hate that was created years ago.

Hopefully, other artists will also create songs that deal with socio, economic, privilege related content that releases beautiful music.