Getting space-age swagger onto the streets, sports brand PUMA is introducing the all-new RS 9.8 sneaker pack. Inspired by new frontiers and galaxies, by people who defy societal rules and the laws of physics, the kick enters new realms with its aerodynamic simplicity.

A nod to Human’s growing interplanetary aspirations, the name RS 9.8 speaks to 9.8 m/s2 – the approximate speed of gravitational acceleration near the Earth’s surface. Just as the speed of an object falling freely here increases by about 9.8 meters per second every second, the sneakers powered with PUMA’s Running System technology adds much-needed momentum to a new, fashionable silhouette.

Redefine Speed With PUMA’s RS 9.8 Sneaker Pack PUMA RS 98 SPACE 7 Lo

The influence of space explorations gives the shoe a FUTRO aesthetic that features cosmos-themed bold colours. Adding a fresh streak to streetstyle, the sneaker is imagined with a textile upper decked with suede and leather overlays. With a lightweight PU midsole reinvented to create unique, space-inspired spheres, the sole is built to provide adequate cushioning. Pulling together elements from various models in the RS Family including super comfy sock liners and RS foam, the first iteration drops in PUMA White – High Risk Red colourway for men and PUMA White – Teal Green colourway for women.

Redefine Speed With PUMA’s RS 9.8 Sneaker Pack RS9Redefine Speed With PUMA’s RS 9.8 Sneaker Pack RS9

Redefine Speed With PUMA’s RS 9.8 Sneaker Pack 370230 01 RS 9The RS 9.8 sneaker is retailing at R1599 and can be purchased at PUMA, Sportscene, The Cross Trainer, The Office, Superbalist, Side Step, Jack Lemkus and selected retailers starting July 20, 2019.

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