HYPE Magazine Interviews J Molley

This year Castle Lite has unlocked the extraordinary by bringing forth the likes Post Malone, Meek Mill, Riky Rick, Cassper Nyovest, Rouge, The Big Hash, Moozlie and so many more as headline acts who will be leading the pack at the TicketPro Dome on the 17th & 18th June. The 2-day experience will also host a number of hip hip sub-culture activities such has Cold Table Talks, Sway Cold Cyphers, Sneakers, Fashion and more. The Sway Cold Cyphers is definitely one activity hip hop lovers are excited to witness. And so far we know that the likes of Rouge, Moozlie, A-Reece, The Big Hash and J Molley will be holding down the mic. Now HYPE got the chance to talk with J Molley about how he feels about the upcoming #CastleLiteUnlocks experience, the cyphers and what else he’s got next.

What are your thoughts on how Castle Lite has continued to show love towards hip hop year after year through bringing international acts?

Yeah, I’m all for it. It’s dope that they’re doing in terms of the hip hop culture you know. Not a lot of people are focused on bringing international acts out so it’s really dope what they’re doing.

You’re obviously no stranger to the #CastleLiteUnlocks stage and you’ve had your fair share of performing on such a mega platform. When you handle such performances what do you look forward to?

I’ve done it twice. Remember I opened up for Travis Scott and the Chance the Rapper. It was very dope. Those are the type of performances I like. I like these big crowd type of things. I’m never really nervous when it comes to big crowds, only like small ones. So, I enjoy them very much. I enjoy those types of things where I get to perform for diverse crowds where some people don’t know me.

When we heard that you were on the list for the #SwayColdCyphers that was quite a surprise because you’ve never really been looked at as a rapper. How & why did you accept the challenge?

It was actually my manager who agreed to do the show. They called in and he didn’t even tell me about it. I just saw that I was going to be a part of it the day it was announced on Twitter. So, then I hit him up like “yo, what?” and when I saw that I was nervous as hell because I’ve never actually rapped before. I know people call me a rapper… I was really nervous but I’m keen to do it. I don’t think a lot of people expect it.

Does this mean that you’ll probably be inspired to drop a rap record in the future perhaps?

Yeah definitely. I’m keen to try. I didn’t want to push it away. I didn’t want to pass on the opportunity. I’m literally going to try and hope for the best.

What else has J Molley been working because it seems like you’ve been scheming something?

Yeah. Right now, I’m in the process of creating an album. I’m actually on the way to finish that but yeah. I’m finished with most of it.  I’m hoping to drop that in the next upcoming months, and I’ve got a song dropping soon called ‘Flower Child’ and I’ve got a new single with Sho Madjozi.

Will you be performing some new records on the #CastleLiteUnlocks stage perhaps for your fans?

Yeah, two or three songs that are on the album. I want to bring out a keyboardist to come through. I want it to be powerful. I can play guitar so I’m also going to bring that out.

If you haven’t gotten your #CastleLiteUnlocks tickets yet make sure you do right here.