Listen To New Xenalii’s New ‘SURF : AM’ EP [Listen]

Durban artist Xenalii recently dropped off a new EP called Surf : AM which is said to be an emotional journey expressed through sound and visuals. It captures a midnight experience in the city of Durban and bundles it up into an EP that sonically resembles the movement of a wave (how it rises and crashes). Xenlaii escaped to Durban after losing his mother with the hopes that the nightlife of the coast would help him forgot but the nights would be extreme highs that would be met by extreme lows in the morning when reality strikes again. He was surfing through emotions during this period. If you listen to the EP you will hear that it starts off quite mellow but groovy then rises to the more cocky/wreckless side of Xenlaii then crashes at the end to the more introspective side of him.

Listen below:

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