Dating advice every man should read

Have you ever gone on a few dates with someone and just when you’re about to message them to suggest another date (because you think things are going really well) the message fails?

Yip, they’ve blocked you from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and even LinkedIn! It could be because you made one of the following mistakes:

You’re too pushy

Some people like to take things slow and really enjoy the “getting to know” phase. You should not be texting them every 5 minutes about what you’re eating, where they will be going tonight, whether they are safe, how are things at home, etc. It’s can be an absolute turn-off for some people, especially if you are just getting to know each other.

You talk about your ex

Oh, you and your ex split the bill regularly? What’s that got to do with your new special person? If splitting the bill means a lot to you, then suggest it instead of making it about your ex. But if your date brings talks about their previous relationship, keep your answers short until you feel comfortable and secure enough to talk about their past. The more you blabber on about what your ex did or should have done, the more awkward it can become.

You don’t think beyond dinner

If you’ve just met, a dinner by candlelight can be awkward as the circumstances force the two of you to sustain the conversation throughout the entire evening. And if you’re a bit shy and talk about weird stuff when you’re nervous, then you should probably choose a different option. Go hiking, visit a zoo or theme park or watch a comedy show together. These are perfect ways to break the ice, especially if you’re not much of a talker.

Checking your phone

Yes, checking your emails or how many people viewed your LinkedIn profile and WhatsApp messages may be relevant to you – but you don’t have to do this while you’re on a date. If you’re serious about making things work, then give the person on the other side of the table your undivided attention. Nobody likes being ignored. You can always check your phone when they go to the bathroom.

Not grooming to impress

It’s not just the ladies who have to take a good, hot shower and wash their hair before a date. Men should do this too! Groom yourself properly: cut your nails, fix your hair, spray with Axe Gold and sport a fresh outfit. This will give you a confidence boost and, of course, an irresistible fragrance. And everyone knows that a confident man is an attractive man.

With these dating tips, you’re sure to land many successful dates and – best of all – you won’t have to worry about getting blocked. Ever!

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