HYPE Magazine Interviews Solo To Discuss Drop Of Remastered #Easy Joint

Last week Friday Solo dropped off off his new single titled #Easy. This new single features BigStar Johnson on the assist and finds the pair flexing their lyrical abilities through adopting an unexpected vernacular delivery which has gifted us a classic hip hop joint. This is, of course, a remastered version of the song that was initially released last year during the Solo & The BETR Gang era. With that said HYPE Magazine was given the opportunity to ask Solo a few questions about the new release, his creative development and what this new energy signifies to not only us but him.

Your work ethic has been on a high lately, especially the last 2 + years because of the tours & shows you were a part of. How has your creative journey been developing over the years?

I have been working at the same work rate for a few years now. As a result, I believe I am very much in my bag. All the different projects I have been a part of have stretched me creatively. I have been exploring the depths of my musicality and as a result, I have transitioned into an artist that prioritizes music holistically. It isn’t all about the bars any more. The bars are still there though [Laughs]

It’s always expected that artists should evolve in terms of delivering something new to their fans. It’s been like 8 years since the release of your first solo project the No Shades Of Grey EP, almost 5 years since .Dreams.A.Plenty. dropped and almost 3 years since Dreams.B.Plenty was made available. How has the narrative within your music changed over the years?

I am a firm believer in the music painting a picture of your now. I use this theory as a failsafe. It’s almost impossible not to evolve if your music is connected to your growth in life. So, my narrative is one of personal growth. The music I am making right now reflects that.

Now you have this new record called ‘Easy’ that features BigStar Johnson. We had the pleasure if giving it an ear and it was quite unexpected to hear you dropping some vernacular words. What was the inspiration behind the song?

The song was made with the intention of showcasing the versatility of both myself and BigStar Johnson. As much as we are not necessarily known for vernac rap, we are both huge fans of kwaito. We both grew up on it, and pretty much have it embedded in us as a result. This was a great opportunity to showcase what is in our arsenal.

Has the topic of SA hip hop artists using more vernacular methods within their lyrics ever influenced you?

I’m not sure that I have been party to the topic per se. I would say that the conversation of identity in music is one that every artist has with themselves at some point. I have always told a South African story. Some things are just said better in vernac.

We most definitely suspect that there’s probably something bigger on the way from you this year. What should the release of this song signify to us listeners?

If anything, this release should indicate that things are not about to slow down anytime soon.

Illustration by @MnguniEmmanuel

To conclude, can you describe the type of energy that Solo is functioning with the year?

I can tell you that I am operating from a frequency of understanding my sound and abilities as an artist. That has had an effect on my plans for 2019. I’m working from an energy that has me expecting a massive impact after my releases.


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