Listen To Mercia Tucker’s ‘Notes & Noise’ Ep. 2

Episode 2 of ‘Notes & Noise’ has finally dropped.  This is a podcast hosted by Mercia Tucker that finds her waxing lyrical about all things South African hip hop once a month as she attempts to separate the noteworthy from the noise. On this episode sees Mercia with Azizzar Mosupi and Precious Nkadimeng hosted in studio talking about artists who start their careers in one field and move into different spheres of artistry, particularly music; artists who explore different facets of their creative identities. They also discuss a few recent live events, and give our #Versus for this episode.

Queen Azizzar is the host of Massiv Metro’s The Element, and Spoken Priestess is a DJ and former content manager at SlikourOnLife. A writer herself, Mercia will be joined in studio every month by different music journalists and cultural commentators navigating discussions on recent goings on and music drops in the industry.

Listen below:

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