Nirvana Nokwe Drops New ‘Cosmic Bae Trilogy III’ Project [Listen]

After announcing the drop of this project in December, Nirvana Nokwe has finally dropped off her new project today called Cosmic Bae Trilogy III. The project is a 3 track music offering, which explores the 3 distinct concepts; (1) True Love, (2) Tantric Sex, which is inspired by the ancient Hindu practice that not only heal intimacy issues but promises more powerful and satisfactory sexual experiences with ourselves and our partners, lastly, (3) Red Moon which explores the Zulu cultural practice of courting (ukushela) a young lady, systems of building a home and Astrology in relation to life and love.

Nirvana takes the listener through her journey in finding love of self and learning how to love others. Nirvana Nokwe’s sound is experimental and unique to her, it is influenced by various styles of music including Traditional African Music, Iscathamiya, Alternative Pop & Soul – Nirvana composed, wrote and produced most of the music all by herself, with help from her mother, Tu Nokwe, on writing lyrics to the song True Love. The released is purposely timed as the EP’s love theme
coincides with February, the month of love – Nirvana wants to spread a message of love and give people an unofficial guide on how to love themselves and their partners during this period and beyond. Nirvana also has 3 part documentary series titled ‘Transcendental Love III’ to follow up the project release.

Listen below:

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