Did Nirvana Just Drop A Sex Tape? [Watch]

Well no she didn’t is the answer to our headline… Today Nirvana Nokwe finally released her new anticipated Cosmic Bae Trilogy 3 track EP that explores the 3 distinct concepts; (1) True Love, (2) Tantric Sex, which is inspired by the ancient Hindu practice that not only heal intimacy issues but promises more powerful
and satisfactory sexual experiences with ourselves and our partners, lastly, (3) Red Moon which explores the Zulu cultural practice of courting (ukushela) a young lady, systems of building a home and Astrology in relation to life and love. Now along with the release of the EP she has posted a seductive lyric video for her ‘II TANTRIC SEX’? song that finds her using the video to deliver a cosmic & erotic experience.

Watch below: