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Seven Key Facts About The New Air Max 720

Seven Key Facts About The New Air Max 720 SP19 AirMax 720 Reveal 1x1 original


Seven Key Facts About The New Air Max 720

1. The 720 is the first full-length lifestyle Air Max unit

While the Air Safari ushered Air units into pure
lifestyle design more than 20 years ago, the technological advances of the
2010s have allowed for a new effort in all-day wear. Just as the Air Max 97
redefined the performance potential of Air by introducing a full-length unit,
the Air Max 720 shatters previously held expectations of comfort. The shoe is
uniquely engineered for steps rather than strides.

2. The 720 has the new tallest Air unit

The shoe’s predecessor, the 270, registered at 32mm
high. The 720 ups the Air ante to 38mm.

3. This means the 720 has the most spring of any Air Max shoe

The tallest heel unit in Air history also gives the
biggest heel volume displacement. This maximizes the 720’s bounce and comfort,
and with its 360-degree form, the unit acts like a cradle for the foot.

4. Its name stems from the visible Air unit

The name 720 comes from the idea that the Air unit is
visible in 360 degrees, both horizontally and vertically.

5. The design of the first shoe to feature the 720 unit was inspired by nature

And specifically, the organic radiating movement of
energy in different natural wonders — this is reflected in each colorway of the
Nike Air Max 720. For example, forthcoming versions of the shoe play off lava
flows, the Northern Lights, the Milky Way and sunsets and sunrises.

6. The 720 Air unit contains more than 75 percent manufacturing waste

Nike Air is produced with the brand’s aim of
delivering a more sustainable future for athletes in mind, and the belief that
there should be no trade-off between lightening our environmental footprint and
improving performance. For the 720, all units have a composition of more than
75% recycled manufacturing waste.

7. Like the 270 unit, the 720 unit is filled with promise

Expect 720 to find its way to a variety of silhouettes across Nike, Inc.’s portfolio. A preview of this potential comes via the Jordan Proto-720.

Seven Key Facts About The New Air Max 720 SP19 AirMax 720 Reveal 16x9 native 1600

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