Beyonce Accused Of Cursing With“Spells Of Sexual Molestation” By Her Former Drummer

Okay, this ishh…is crazy…

Now according to The Blast, Beyonce’s former drummer of seven years, Kimberly Thompson, has actually requested a restraining order against Beyonce after claiming that Beyonce has cursed via her practices of “extreme witchcraft” and has been using her spells to control her finances and keep her on some surveillance.

Kimberley’s documents also state how she believes Beyonce has started a harassment campaign against her filled with “extreme witchcraft, dark magic” and “magic spells of sexual molestation.” Kimberley has even claimed that Beyonce murdered her kitten. Although there’s no explanation as to why Kimberley is accusing Beyonce of this, it was revealed that her restraining order was denied.

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