Bacardi, the world’s number one premium rum, is back to get South Africa moving in 2018 by taking over the house party scene with their Bacardi House Party Sessions. With a fierce passion for growing and supporting the local music industries, the party starter spirit has a slate of epic music experiences and collaborations coming up in 2018 to celebrate some of SA’s successful homegrown artists and up-and-coming talent. The world’s number one rum has paired up four equally hot big hit acts with four young up and coming artists to help move fans. To kick off in style, Bacardi are announcing their 2018 artist collaborations with a fresh house party video shot in the Caribbean setting of Brain Lara. Check it out here.

A good musician is defined by their unique ability to create music in a way that expresses themselves and that sets an emotional fire within their audience to get them moving. Each of the eight chosen artists lives the Bacardi brand – they’re lit, fearless, and inspiring exuberant individuality. Nadia Nakai, arguably the best female emcee in the game, will be paired up with26-year-old rising rap star Priddy Ugly. They’ll be joined by Mayo hitmaker DJ Speedsta and ‘David Genaro’ hitmaker, Yung Swiss. The North God and Mr Tipee Toes creator, Da Les and The Wrecking Crew’s La Flame will round off the hip-hop and rap collaborations. Drum boss Heavy K, and dance and electronic singer Moonchild Sanelly will be paired to represent the house and dance scene.

The artist pairs will be collaborating on tracks, filming music videos, hosting Studio Sessions for digital audiences and hosting their own epic Bacardi House Party Sessions, giving both sets of artists a platform tailor-made for them, by them. You can catch all four pairs performing at Bacardi House Party Sessions’ Halloween Edition in October 2018 and the Bacardi Holiday Club in March 2019.

“As a key player in the industry, and a brand that has been closely associated with the territory of music globally, we work with artists  that are relevant to the current music scene and have the passion and drive to both grow the local scene and get to the next level in their journey as musicians. Through Bacardi House Party Sessions, it is our aim to establish a platform to support and help grow their careers.” – Francois Portier, Managing Director for Bacardi in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Dates to put in your social diary:

Live Sessions – Look out on the artists’ Youtube, Facebook or Instagram pages for the Bacardi Live Sessions from August onwards

House Party Sessions (Johannesburg) 

29th September  – Da L.E.S & La Flame Bacardi  

13h00 to 13h45 – DJ Uncle Partytime (DJ)

13h45 to 14h15 – Ahooligan

14h15 to 15h00 – PinkMolly (DJ)

15h00 to 15h30 – 2LeeStark

15h30 to 16h30 – Double D (DJ – Les to Feature)

16h30 to 17h00 – Flame

17h00 to 17h30 – Da Les

17h30 to 17h40 – Flame and Les Celebration Music Video Release

17h40 to 17h50 – Les and Flame – Celebration 

17h50 – 18h00 (Close) Double D 

3rd November  – Bacardi Halloween House Party 

24th November – DJSpeedsta & Yung Swiss

15th December – Heavy K & Moonchild

26th January – Nadia Nakia & Priddy Ugly

1-3 March – Bacardi Holiday Club – More information to come soon 



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