PatricKxxLee Checks Into Rehab For Depression

Now before rumors are taking over social media and the internet, ARTIS have just released a public statement about PatricKxxLee which you can read below:
“PatricKxxLee is taking a break from shows and all other activities from today until further notice. He’s not well and he’s been battling depression for a while now. He knows he has to face his issues in order to overcome them, and while he tried to “fix things” along the way, he finally realized he needs to do so in peace and quiet, seeking proper help. Patrick knows he needs to be strong to fulfill his purpose and calling, and he knows that he’s a role model for a lot of young people. Depression is a little talked about taboo topic, and yet it’s widespread among the Youth. A lot of Patrick’s music addresses depression and related substance abuse, in a hope to make others going through a similar experience feel like they are not alone.  Instead of disappearing in secret, Patrick wanted to make a statement that it’s ok to seek help when things get too rough. He hopes to encourage others not to suffer in silence. After weeks of excessive drinking and contemplating suicide, he checked into a clinic for treating his depression earlier this morning – ARTIS
Apart from the sad new Patrick has actually been having a positive time with his career such as having the Ice Prince feature & SA Tour locked in, returning back from the US with a major US feature in the bag, the international attention for his music that managed to get playlisted on US spotify a bunch of times now and the 2 videos playing right now on TV, with MTV even requesting a premiere for ‘SO&SO’.

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