So J Prince, the Rap-a-Lot Records CEO said he had made an “OG call” to Drake and told him not respond to Pusha T’s diss track called ‘The Story of Adidon’. People were wondering if Drake would respond and while J Prince was on  Sway in the Morning he explained that Drake actually has the respond track which is said to be career ending and would ruin families if dropped.”Oh no doubt about it. The ingredients were overwhelming. I know for a fact that it would’ve been bad for Kanye and my man. It wouldn’t have been good, it’s beyond music at that point. It’s gonna affect the livelihood, it’s gonna interfere with his entire lifestyle from that day forward.” – J PrincePusha did previously voice out that Drake has nothing on him though which has got the people sort of wishing that the new Pusha didd record leaks somehow…What do you think?

drake Drake Has A Career-Ending Pusha T Diss Track That He Won’t Release [Watch] blueprint pusha t

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