So last night Pusha T went on Twitter and claimed that Drake was offering $100,000 for anyone who could create or reveal Pusha’s skeletons damn… Even though he doesn’t technically say “Drake”, its quite obvious that it was directed at him.

“You got a 100k floating around for info? Can’t no amount of money create skeletons that don’t exist… #ImUpset 🤣”0 Pusha T

Pusha says there’s no skeletons unfortunately for Drake as Pusha has been heard saying that he isn’t even worried about a response from Drake because he’s got nothing to hide

“I’m not afraid of nothin’… Ain’t no skeletons with me. I don’t have none. Realest in it. Been in it, 16 years and still givin’ y’all classics.” – Pusha T

What are your thoughts?

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