Seems LIke Kanye West Always Feels Like J. Cole Is Dissing Him [Listen]

Today is of course all about J. Cole dropping his new album and Kanye West announcing the release dates for his new album and collab album with Cudi which is dropping in June. The rapper was recently seen leaving his studio with Charlamagne Tha God of The Breakfast Club and he even confirmed that Charlamagne heard some new music. Well Charlamagne later spoke on their meeting and said that ‘Ye also shared some thoughts on J. Cole and his K.O.D. album. Apparently Kanye West feels like J. Cole is always dissing him especially since that moment when Yeezy’s Yeezus and Cole’s Born Sinner dropped on the same day. Cole later went on to allegedly diss Kanye on his song ‘False Prophets’.

“Yesterday, when I was talking to ‘Ye, we were having a conversation about J. Cole. Remember J Cole put out the ‘False Prophets’ record? And he said that he feels like J. Cole’s always dissing him in records.” – Charlamagne

Kanye then also drew a comparison to Cole’s bar on ‘No Role Modelz’ when he raps “N*gga I don’t want no bitch from reality shows/ Out of touch with reality hoes.” Charlamagne of course clarified that Kanye didn’t say it with any malicious intentions though.

Watch below: