DJ Tirra and company seen ahead of Red Bull Culture Clash, Durban, May 10, 2017

HYPE Magazine Interviews DJ Tira

So the Red Bull Music Festival is set to raise the bar for the 2018 South African music-festival calendar with an exhilarating musical experience that takes place from 3 to 8 April 2018 in Johannesburg. Trompies, Oskido, 340 Million, Moozlie and Distruction Boyz are among the local musical stars confirmed to perform at this exciting explosion of sound. Following the hugely successful Red Bull Music Academy Weekender and Red Bull Culture Clash events in 2016 and 2017 respectively, the flagship Red Bull Music Festival (RBMF) event will boast a blockbuster contingent of eighty local, pan-African and global acts set to take over Joburg for six days. The festival will feature an array of musical genres, which play a pivotal role in shaping the SA music landscape. Everyone from upcoming jazz soul sensation Langa Mavuso to the West Coast hip hop inspired electro DJ, Egyptian Lover through to Durban’s King and Red Bull Culture Clash winner DJ Tira all the way to the reggae duo Admiral and Jahseed will be taking to the stage at the festival.

And as we continue building up the hype surrounding the event, we’ve managed to get another interview with Durban’s very own living legend DJ Tira who shares what he’ll be bringing at the festival coming up:

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You’ve been in the music scene for such a long time and have never shown any signs of slowing down. What feelings and thoughts go through your mind when you think on how far you have come as an artist and producer?

Wow, extreme pride. It’s been a long journey. I’ve put in a lot of hard work, and I’ve shown love and respect, to the people who buy my music and to the industry. I’ve been fortunate to maintain the same hunger and momentum I felt in 2009, which has enabled me to be a successful artist and producer.

You are an example of a pure artist that has overcome obstacles to get to a higher level. What inspires you to accomplish greater heights and what were some of the challenges that you’ve faced on your journey to success?

The love for what I do. Dealing with artists is quite a challenge, sometimes artists and people don’t understand the Afro brand vision, and assume that it is not in line with theirs. So, you will find artists who have left Afrotainment, hoping to find a better deal elsewhere, only to return with a better understanding of how Afro values and envisions their musical careers.

Dope! And of course, besides your artistic abilities to make great music, you also have an ability to discover new talents especially with Durban. First, how does an artist get your attention and what would you say makes the Durban energy such a special one?

I get demos every day and it doesn’t excite me, I hardly listen to them. The best way to grab my attention is to make an impression. You can’t box Durban it’s a beautiful city with a majestic vibrancy, that is unique. Fact Durban rocks T- shirts were proof of that. We party from the club to the beach, and listening to Gqom is the soul of that energy.

Now what kind of mind-set is DJ Tira working with in the year 2018?

Work hard and make it look easy! I’m excited to be working with new artists, and in getting new and bigger awards.

Photo From Redbull Content Pool

You’ve been involved with many Red Bull events before, you even won the Culture Clash title last year, but what do you think makes this Red Bull Music Festival different?

This time I’m not performing to win and will simply be there to entertain festival goers. The RBMF is different as it will feature 80 artists, performing in 9 venues, over 6 days giving wings to festival goers in one city.

Which other artists are you looking forward to experiencing at the show?

I look forward to seeing AKA, I have a lot of respect for him, he doesn’t complicate things, and trusts his instincts and his fans. SA Loves up-tempo music and he makes it look easy, and gets people going with mid-tempo beats (Song References – Caiphus Song and Sweet Fire)

Word. What do you think about the current state of the South African Music scene?

I think it is moving in the right direction. Platforms like those provided by Red Bull Culture Clash, and the upcoming Festival, are important because they promote local artists and indigenous music and sound. RBMF is a global festival that has taken place in NYC, Tokyo and Paris, and is such a big platform which has seen our local artists such as Sjava, Babes Wodumo and Black Coffee getting recognition and exposure to expand their music globally.

What would you say is the secret to have a successful and long career?

Collaborative effort, focusing on the music, and finding inspiration every day

  • The 4th of April is a celebration of jazz music at The Orbit, a jam session that will create a once-off experience for those who attend.
  • After a night of jazz, Admiral and Jahseed, African Storm Sound System leaders from Red Bull Culture Clash put on a reggae show at Newtown Music Factory with Maad Mugo on the 5th of April.
  • Republic of 94 will be the home of the festival’s Kwaito night on the 6th of April.
  • Saturday sees the likes of up and coming Namibian triple threat Gina Jeanz, Dwson and Stingray perform alongside Mozambique’s 340 Million who will revive their music catalogue.

Tickets to the Red Bull Music Festival are available on, priced from R100 – R350

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