Watch Stogie T’s #BETHipHopAwards Cypher

Nobody can deny that Stogie T is a living legend walking among-st us who doesn’t need to convince anyone about his skill and legacy. Now during the BET Hip Hop Awards 2017 run, the African version held some cyphers with SA hip hop artists and Stogie T’s session is the topic of conversation write now because first of all getting a cypher session with Stogie T is rare and secondly the wordplay displayed by the master is crazy. Some might say some shots were taken but you decide…

He even shared the lyrics of his freestyle which you can read below:

“am from three generation of criminals
My grandpappi and daddy shooting the system and
Got cousins shooting for a living
Can you forgive him
A nigga living with these bars is not a euphemism
It’s youth in prison
Bridging time with prison time through the visits
Look alive it’s you and I can prove the difference
Can’t put a price on losing time
Just do the distance
We superseded like the loot can free us
We moved to villas front yard with a pool of fishes
Drown hardships in exclusive liquors
It’s the new edition black car
With the fuel emissions that gas broads sending nuddy pictures
Oh the thickest,
she blew the niggas and you blew her kisses
It’s not fair but yeah I don’t care it’s the rule of business
I pipe her neck like a hookah nigga
Then buy a pres like a Gupta nigga
The shoes will fit her
Yeah I know they fill stadiums
But lyrically they couldn’t fill Ginger Trill’s Palladiums
And that’s not even a statement
I am making, replay it
You’ll see I eat these nighas life Ronald Regan (CIA/Hate these nighas/ 80s)
They got rappers on the list for the ratings
With platinum plaques that get Listerined in a basin
That means you’ll get washed, rinsed in this basement
Nighas trash but it’s all you have
So you praise it
I laugh at ’em and gaze
They wanna count what they made
On every record like it’s something to praise
Ass kissing Brand manager snakes
I go at ’em and get even
Until it’s like Apple and Dre”

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