Watch ASON’s New ‘AFTERLIFE’ Video

Originally from Mozambique, raised in Virginia, USA and now living in South Africa. Young rising star ASON is recently signed to Rude World Records, and thanks to his diverse influences, his combination of laid-back, lowkey
flow and energetic verses, his latest track ‘Afterlife’ is about to cause some waves.

“The song ‘Afterlife’ represents a passage into the next level of
my life. For the longest time, I was the outcast artistically. No one
believed in my artistic ability and I had to push myself with no one
else telling me to keep going. It was just me telling myself, you’re
meant to be great. It was a solo experience I had to go through
alone and it built a hunger in me to prove everybody wrong.”
“These days I don’t really mind proving people wrong. I’m more
focused on proving myself right.” – ASON

Watch below:

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