Tumi Luciano on KFC Soundbite (HYPE Co-sign)

Okay so you know that its about that time again when HYPE surfs through KFC’s Soundbite platform and unlocks some Soundbite artists that we definitely think deserve that spotlight from you. Now as mentioned last time, our interests have just went up a little and we’ve decided to Co-sign yet another Soundbite artist that we believe has a unique potential to stir up the game and one such artist, whose ‘ When You See Me’ single is impressively no. 11 on the Soundbite chart, is BoksBurg wordsmith and lyricist rapper Tumi Luciano. Tumi is a new name we’ve come across and his sound is quite refreshing to hear when compared to the majority of others sounds flooding the game. What seems to be notable with his artistry is his ability to create potential hit records because its hard not to bump your head when a Tumi Luciano record plays. Trust us… Now Head over to KFC Soundbite and unlock his ‘When You See Me‘ joint right here. Be on the lookout for another HYPE Soundbite Co-sign that we’ll be posting soon.