What is HYPE Music?

HYPE Music is a media social network developed by HYPE Magazine. Users can create profiles, upload, share or play music to stream or download to their device on-demand, or they can listen to curated playlists by HYPE Magazine and enjoy exclusive music premieres from a variety of local hip hop artists. The service also includes a social media interaction that users can use to interact live 24 hours a day. The service was launched on August 7 in conjunction to the release of HYPE Magazine’s Collectors Four print edition nationwide. New users can upload & share their music/videos for free, while Silver, Gold & Platinum users get an extended & exclusive promotional experience. For more than a decade HYPE Magazine has been dedicated to searching out new artists and introducing them to the rest of the world. And it’s that same spirit of hip hop dedication that has forced us to give birth to this new HYPE Music media social network, a social platform that gives you the opportunity to upload and share your music on a HYPE platform for the world to listen to. HYPE Music is your personal space that will finally give us the opportunity to discover new acts at an even faster pace. This platform is dedicated to all up & coming hip hop acts. So head over to hypemusic.co.za, create a profile, upload your music, share your music and believe.

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