Listen to Emtee’s Touching New ‘Ghetto Hero’ Song

Emtee recently teamed up with legendary producer Don Laka, and long time creative partner and renowned producer “Ruff”, to cook up a brand new official single titled ‘Ghetto Hero’. In the soft song, Emtee showcases his vocals on the message heavy “Ghetto Hero”. The infectious 3:50 minute slice of  powerful emotive vocals, acclaimed jazz artist Don Laka on the piano keys and hard beating drums, touches on social issues that are experienced by ordinary South Africans. The minimalistic arrangement is said to expose the honest, no-frills and bare heart hitting message of the song. A definite mus-hear unique Emtee experience.

“I am now a ghetto hero myself, I proved it by make something of my career. When I go back home I re-inspire the young generation and they see me as their hero” – Emtee

Listen below: