HYPE Magazine Interviews Black Motion

Now before you read any further, you probably might have tried to connect the dots between a fully fledged hip hop platform interviewing a non-conventional hip hop entity such as Black Motion, who have no reason further prove their dominance in what they do in our opinion. But this goes beyond genres because South Africa’s dance duo Black Motion, have continued to push their musical influences throughout Africa and beyond. So during a visit to their Johannesburg home studio, HYPE took the time to appreciate the strides they have made, which recently included that Ballentines ‘Beat of Africa’ campaign that they have been publicly a part of. And of course it helps to get a nod from other global platforms such as Billboard too, so during our brief chat, we dissected how they got to be a part of the campaign, how they remain relevant and what more they have in store for the world.

Read full interview here.

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