You Can Expect Kendrick Lamar’s New Album to Drop Tomorrow

So it’s been speculated that Kendrick will unleash his highly anticiapted new solo studio album tomorrow (April 7). Now remember that Lamar first spoke of the new album during a The New York Times T Magazine interview he did in February and it’s now confirmed that the ‘The Heart Part 4’ joint that leaked earlier is not on the LP based on a conversation Peter Rosenberg had with Top Dawg (watch below).  Now from what’s been gathered so (with a lot of speculations done by entities, individuals etc), there are some facts that have actually been confirmed leading up to this point. The first one being that Kendrick Lamar will definitely be delivering a solo album and that secondly, that ‘The Heart Part 4’song will not be in the project. The third is that Kendrick is set to headline the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on April 14 and that dropping sometime before his performance would be good marketing. Number four is that its been said that a Kendrick/Cole collab project actually exists, although no other details have been shared on it. So after all of that it might be safe to assume that dropping a Kendrick/Cole collab right now wouldn’t make sense, so perhaps the solo album might happen. Guess we have to wait and see but if you watch the interview below (around the 5:10 mark) the answer is quite clear. Oh and a track-list leaked remember?

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