A www.blackmonday.squarespace.com link has been moving around being shared among-st fellow South Africans that have been affected through the actions of the Executive over the past 48 hours. Now the site expresses that they(we) as fellow participants in civil society, civil service, NGO’s, business, and the youth of South Africa, do not condone these actions.

They(we) acknowledge that:

‐ The time has come for all of us to unite behind the values enshrined in our Constitution

‐ That there is a duty on all of us to uphold and protect these values by holding our government accountable to their Constitutional mandate

The site also wishes to dispel the myth that these irrational actions have and will contribute to our economy.

As a sign of our discontentment, they have invited all disapproving South Africans to stand together behind the #BlackMonday movement. So today people should all wear black in solidarity and use the tag to further the cause.

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