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Listen to J.S.K XXVI ‘Extragalactic (PRxFND Sessions)’ EP

Listen to J.S.K XXVI ‘Extragalactic (PRxFND Sessions)’ EP T


Listen to J.S.K XXVI ‘Extragalactic (PRxFND Sessions)’ EP

As promised J.S.K XXVI has dropped his second EP titled Extragalactic (PRxFND Sessions) which was released on the 26th of March (Sunday) with the Extragalactic EP also having dropped on February 26th (Sunday). Both EP’s take you on a mind journey to space which can also reference moving into a new place in life. The sounds on both EP’s are epic, from the first track automatically breaking you into a new dimension. To summarize Extragalactic (PRxFND Sessions) are remixes of the Extragalactic EP which all remixes are produced by PRxFND (Pronounced: Profound). The bonus track ‘Green’ is the only remix to a song he dropped on his Frequencies: Part I and seeks to introduce a new way of doing remixes altering the beat completely for a different audience.

Listen to J.S.K XXVI ‘Extragalactic (PRxFND Sessions)’ EP t

Listen below:


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