Songs By Drake,That Had Us All Up In Our Feelings!

Remember when the ‘Draking‘ word was applicable, when everybody was overusing that word as if it somehow took over the urban dictionary. Although the hype about this word has died out, we can’t help but look back on when this word and use of emotive language was at it’s peak!

Drake reminds us how to get in touch with em feelings and even though rappers are usually seen as hardcore and not allowed to show their soft side, Drake done broke the rules and showed us that rappers can be in tune with how they feel and still drop a verse and hold down some lyrics, lets look at the top three songs that made us look into Drake’s heart and see that maybe, just maybe rappers aren’t that hardcore after all.

Number 1: Find Your Love

Number 2: Doing It Wrong

Number 3: Marvin’s Room

Written by @sasamotale

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