Podcasts And Why SA Hip Hop Culture Needs Them

While the number of local podcasts isn’t as impressive as it should be, there isn’t denying that this is one spectrum of culture that is set on having an impact and building self-efficiency. Artlifers Radio, The Sobering and Dead Radio are some perfect examples of the growth happening. It’s all about hip hop and the youth at the end of the day, and podcasts are slowly becoming a source of pure creative and life protein.

“In terms of development we’re at the beginning both internationally and especially locally. In SA we’re still facing data struggles, but it’s important to start now and build a strong brand for when those barriers fall. There’s going to be a lot of innovation around business models and monetisation too which will be exciting. Artlifers is already working on our own for 2017! The game as a whole still needs things like back-end platforms that show analytics like how many people listened to the entire show and how many stopped midway for example; to give better metrics to potential advertisers and the like.

“Another issue for development especially with regard to music-based pods is licensing rights, which will have to be worked out pretty soon. It would be dope if there were a platform on which artists could declare that their music was available for use/distribution on podcasts similar to creative commons licensing to avoid shutdowns. “In terms of purpose, podcasts in music and culture are there to contextualise everything happening in a particular space in an intriguing and thought-provoking way. To offer opinion, critique and platforms for talent in all forms. The podcast is only a medium and what people do with its unique attributes locally is going to be exciting!” – Artlifers

Here’s a quick history of podcasting…

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