Chucking Up The Deuce!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and some people might already be planning what they are going to do for their partners on that day. Other people don’t believe in celebrating Valentine’s Day because they think that love should be celebrated everyday and not only on a specific day and other people…welllllll they might be experiencing some heart break issues.  Remember when Chris Brown released ‘Say Goodbye‘? he sang about ending a relationship in the sweetest and meanest way ever. Then there was ‘Dueces‘ and that also had some major ‘ouch’ moments! We gotta say Chris Brown seems to know more about this breaking up thing

Breaking up is something that usually happens when a relationship is not vibing anymore and yol just can’t kick it no more. It seems some artists have traveled down the break up road, more than once, considering some of the songs they have released. Anywayy whether you have been bitten by the love bug or not, or planning on breaking up with someone, Chris Brown might be able to give you some tips!

Written by @sasamotale



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