Tatted Up, Vibes!!

Art is depicted through various different mediums, art is a way of life that reflects on everything that surrounds us, whatever we consume and produce is a idea and product of art. Body art is something that has been around for many years, this is one of the ways people prefer to express their thoughts, memories and emotions by using their body as a canvas to showcase body art. Tattoos are one of the ways which people use to tell a story on their bodies, although some people are against them and have their own views and opinions, but some actually think that tattoos are pretty rad.


Being able to create art on a body part consists of time, hard-work, a brilliant eye and the artistic ability to create a great masterpiece. With so many different tattoo artists around the world, it would only be fair to showcase some of Mzansi’s best work.


So if you are a dope tattoo artist, keyword being “dope” and you have what it takes to show us your tattoo artwork. Then email your dopest tat images to Motalesasa@gmail.com and a short bio of yourself. If we think you are dope, we will put you on!


Written by @sasamotale

Images sourced from We heart it and Pinterest



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