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#FashionTuesday Street Style

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#FashionTuesday Street Style

She has her own unique style and her versatility when it comes to fashion is amazing! She goes by the name of Tshegofatso Ramorwesi. She is a stylist and a self taught make up artist. She was chosen to be today’s Fashion Tuesday Street Style Star because of the way she expresses herself through fashion.

If you think you’ve got dope street style images and would like to be featured for the next #FashionTuesday Street Style star, email your pics to

screenshot_2016-11-15-12-41-08-1  #FashionTuesday Street Style Screenshot 2016 11 15 12 41 08 1 219x300screenshot_2016-11-15-12-47-42-1  #FashionTuesday Street Style Screenshot 2016 11 15 12 47 42 1 216x300fb_img_1479205960385  #FashionTuesday Street Style FB IMG 1479205960385 300x300

fb_  #FashionTuesday Street Style FB  300x300

Follow her on Insta @swirlstylist

Written by @sasamotale

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