Priddy Ugly Tells Us To Come To His Kasi! [Watch]

Priddy Ugly is known for his imaginative and creative video concepts, he takes the simplest idea and turns it into something worth talking about. The fact that he takes basic examples, whether it’s how people live on the daily, or a normal thrift store in Town(CBD) as soon as he shoots a video, you best believe that video gon look dope even if it’s in the CBD, his artistry is on another level. We gotta give credit where it’s due. He also knows how to make you have a mind trip just by watching his vid’s, he goes the extra mile to be different, raw and real! So obviously as soon as he released a new video most of us couldn’t wait to see what concept he came up with, what the song is about and where the video was shot.

So he dropped a new music video titled ‘Come To My Kasi’ ft  YoungstaCPT . The video captures their Kasi lifestyle and the way it is structured. Priddy Ugly and YoungstaCPT highlight visuals of the storytelling about their hood and the rawness of what you see is what you get type of vibe. They also spit some pretty dope verses like “Ask my ex’s, there isn’t any problem I couldn’t solve!” A line dropped by Priddy in the beginning of the song. Not forgetting YoungstaCPT, woooo flames, lyrical monster I tell you.

Check out the new vid and see why being real is the new dope, because authenticity never gets old!

Written By @sasamotale


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