What’s Your Flavour?

There is something about a song that has dope artists. ”Hold You Down’ was probably one of the best songs, it had good lyrics and a great sound, for some reason whenever Chris Brown and August Alsina are on a track together, it really sounds good. The different tones of their voices balance each other and the instrumentals that are used on the track make the entire song have a feel good vibe.

But I must say that ‘Do You Mind‘ track, is packing heat! Killer verses and the artists that are featured on the track blend together on the beat. Chris Brown and August Alsina are also featured on this track and it’s bliss, both songs are similar in-terms of the artists that were featured and the mood of the song, but there are also differences. For instance, ‘Hold You Down‘ is more like a chilled song but ‘Do You Mind‘ is more catchy and the artists really delivered on their rap verses. I don’t knowwww! Hard to pick one track, both songs have their own unique style.

Which one is your favourite, ‘Hold You Down‘ or ‘Do You Mind‘?

Written by Nomsa Motale




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