Levi Pioneer Nation Presents Inspirational Entrepreneurs [Hype]

Dreaming big is not a problem, anyone can dream big, but the problem is executing that dream and bringing it to life. Entrepreneurs are not only problem solvers but they are also innovators. They take an idea and turn into something that is sustainable. The Levi Pioneer Nation festival which took place on the 14th and 15th of October 2016 at Sci-Bono in Newtown, consisted of different speakers who had words of wisdom that they shared with all the future entrepreneurs. This two day festival was loaded with valuable information and  workshops, mentorship couch sessions and people who made a success out of their businesses. HYPE decided to speak to Mpumelelo “FRYPAN” Mfula who was one of the speakers at the festival.

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When we asked him to describe the Levi Pioneer National festival in three words, he said it was real, inspirational and a happy place. The Levi Pioneer Nation festival allowed him to exhibit what RHTC and Playground is all about, it was a platform that led him to practice and showcase what his ideas and hard work represented and to exercise the practical aspect more than the theory of running a business.

We pulled out our notebook, eager to know how his experience has been so far and asked him about how he had felt about the past two days? he looked at us and didn’t take more than five seconds to answer the question and this is what he said “These past two days have been dope man, met a lot of people, it’s amazing meeting people on and off stage. So much networking and teaching experiences”

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When you are starting off you need help from other people. It’s about reflecting and sharing inspirational stories, it reminds you about the basic principles of business and why you started with the journey in the first place, “said Mpumelelo when we asked him why it’s essential to have events and festivals like Levi Pioneer Nation.

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He wants aspiring entrepreneurs to know that if they have ideas and want to start their own businesses, they should just start and not stall, they should not be afraid of asking for help to grow their business ideas and gain valuable advice from different people. Levi Pioneer Nation is about shaping minds and allowing people to tap into their inner greatness and to take a concept, learn how to produce it, then execute it and watch it grow. Entrepreneurs and innovators such as Mpumelelo have allowed Levi Pioneer Nation to pay it forward to the next young upcoming minds.

Written and Photographed by:  Nomsa Motale


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