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Why AKA Quit VthSeason

Why AKA Quit VthSeason a


Why AKA Quit VthSeason

Over the weekend The SupaMega announced that him and VthSeason have called it quits. After a long relationship with the management, AKA and Raphael Benza’s (VthSeason owner) partnership was apparently a little rocky towards the end. Benza has been widely credited for having revived AKA’s hip hop career after he left Entity.

After a series of tweets, AKA finally revealed his end with VthSeason which evidently exposed some frustration the rapper has had during their now former partnership. In one deleted tweet, AKA mentioned how ‘Nobody wants to deal with Raphael Benza …. This is not a secret.’

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As an extension of that, AKA has just kick-started his own company by managing to scoop a new office space for the new venture.

Watch below:

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