adidas ATHLETICS x Sartists: From Pitch to Street to Runway

The launch of the Zero Negative Energy Hoodie saw the adidas athlete army being mobilised in spectacular fashion. The hype and exposure was unprecedented and not only highlighted the power of athletes, but also the fact that both pitch and social media are the stages where athletes perform. With the momentum created and positioning of the badge of sport as cool, relevant and stylish it was important to continue the story and showcase the ATHLETICS range in its entirety.
adidas worked with the Sartists, to interpret this range in a local and authentic way, shooting in the streets, courts and deserted stadiums of Soweto township. Real stories were created sharing emotions on both sport and life. As part of the Sartists journey, they created looks from the ATHLETICS range showcasing the lifestyle element ‘from pitch to street to runway’ which was later showcased at the Men’s Health Fashion show led out by adidas athlete Siya Kolisi.
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“The names and stories of all those under-celebrated township sports heroes have put us here, as we zip the garments of the Athletics range, one can’t help but ponder on what it feels to be on the other side, watching, looking at these three young men in triple white against grey township backgrounds stride with the confidence of those they once watched light up the atmosphere in sports stadiums turned recreational centers, and only for those 10 seconds have everyone’s problems disappear for a moment.

Different locations but the eyes stare the same, we feel displaced in our own communities as if we do not belong here, we belong here though and this is why we’re here, this is what this range is about, finding your focus.

Our focus has always been to tell stories, stories unheard of, not seen and from places less known. To give light and to show that’s it’s possible.

The Instagram stories from Street Etiquette remind us that we are not too far from a global voice that strives for unity.

Bale, Harden, Street Etiquette…Sartists.

All these names and faces, bigger than ours, more known than ours, but we have our place, right in-between the cracks in the pavement where flowers bloom and something grows from nothing.

This range reminds us that no matter how many of us and others there are, one should never forget the responsibility they have for telling their stories and sometimes even those of others.

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