Noname’s Talent Is On Point! [Listen]

“And I know the money don’t really make me whole, the magazine covers drenched in gold. The dreams of granny in mansion and happy, the little things I need to save my soul”. These lyrics are from the first track titled “Yesterday” from Noname mixtape Telephone. I knew that as soon as I heard these lyrics that there was more rap goodness stored for me. It has a beautiful melody and raw, deep throat cutting verses. Kinda reminds me of how being fragile is a gift, especially as an artist, if you are able to expose your vulnerability and tell a story, then you know that your art is a God given talent.

I must admit that I’m rather picky when it comes to the type of artists I listen to. They have to have that x-factor, you know you gotta sing along to their lyrics but they have to have a meaning and Noname has mastered that skill. Her honesty is what makes here music so relatable real. When I heard her on the “lost” track with Chance The Rapper, she instantly stole my heart. I mean when was the last time I listened to a rapper who was so honest about feeling broken.

So you could imagine how excited I was when she dropped her mixtape. I had to listen to the gems she was dropping on each track and YO! This woman is so comfortable within her artistry, she aint trying to be something she’s not.

My favorite track has to be  “Reality Check” with a background of melodic sounds and my word, it’s a beautiful song. It’s not too cluttered and the featured vocalists give it that calm vibe to the song. Oh and “All I Need”, the hook on that track is magical.

Then there is “Forever” the musical production is amazing, the beats and instruments blend together creating a mystical atmosphere on the song, the way she drops bars on that track, is some next level ish!

Noname is incredibly talented and her vulnerable, realness and transparency is shown through her music, I think she is gonna go a long way in this industry. It’s so refreshing to listen to a Hip Hop artist who makes you think because of the content they created and displayed on their songs.

Listen Below:

Written by Nomsa Motale

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