#16BarsRELOADED Presents: Music Unscripted Conference

The fourth Music Unscripted conference is headed to Pretoria for the first time next month. And for all those that don’t know, Music Unscripted is an initiative by the hip hop movement #16BarsRELOADED, created for educational purposes and information exchange between notable industry persons and thriving artists. The sole purpose of this event is to bridge the gap between the knowing and unknowing in the hip hop industry. Most importantly, the aim of the conference is to impart tangible business knowledge and information to artists and interested persons alike.

This time around the speakers will include Slikour, 5fm’s Lesiba Marokana, Trompie (Beatmochini), Nothende, Duke Scott (SAMRO), Pierre Rautenbach (RISA) and Yfm’s DJ Sabby. Who will share their knowledge and industry expertise on the day.



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