‘HAPPINESS IS EXPENSIVE’ Capsule collection by D.O.C.C is a direct reflection of the world we live in, in this day and age. How the purest form of happiness is last felt when a person is at their youngest. Fast forward to the real world where one is grown up and aware of their surroundings that are defined by status, possessions, money and ones hierarchy in the world that has an influence on how people are treated and taught how to feel because of what they have and don’t have. As I look into myself and my surroundings, we wake up chasing, to close the gap between our now and the goals we wish to acquire and until we do so there’s a void of dissatisfaction within us. The official collection drops in the month of May.

The capsule collection is made up of 3 different Colour t-shirts, 3 different Colour 6 panel caps and a fanny pack bag.

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WHATSAPP: (083) 7932954

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