Priddy Ugly Drops New YDKMY Tape. Download & Listen


Priddy Ugly has just dropped a brand new project titled You Don’t Know Me Yet. The whole mixtape was produced entirely by Wichi 1080 and if you know (ironically) enough about Priddly Ugly, then you should know that he doesn’t drop anything average. The 9 track mixtape just further more highlights that perfect Wichi and Priddy combination.


YDKMY is definitely not for your common listener as the whole sound depends on your deep appreciation for pure musical art. And with features from the likes of Youngsta, Ginger Trill, Bigstar Johnson, Refi Sings and Wichi 1080 himself, you should trust that Priddy Ugly delivered with this one.

Download YDKMY here.

Listen to YDKMY below:

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