Meek Wins A Big One Against Drake In New Song ‘War Pain’

We all thought that after Drake’s ‘Back 2 Back’ the Drake VS Meek Mill thing would be reduced to the occasional back and forth jab, eventually fizzle out when Meek inevitably goes to prison after his sentencing in this month and we would all continue with our lives without a memory of this. We were all wrong.

Last week, Drake premiered a new track ‘Summer Sixteen’ on his Apple OVO Sound radio show, and it’s possible that it is more savage than all of Drake’s combined jabs. In the song, the 6 man takes shots at Meek, Chris Brown, Tory Lanez, and last but not least, Barack Obama, who recently voiced his belief that Kendrick would beat Drizzy in a one-on-one.

Here’s the thing though, Meek dropped ‘War Pain’ on the same day referencing (responding t0) a line from Drake’s song in which he raps: “I used to wanna be on Roc-A-Fella, then I turned into Jay.” Meek raps: “now you claiming to be Hov, why say that sh*t?” Meek also directly responds to a few more of Drake’s lines on the song. This might seem like a light jab but the question is, if they released the song on the same day, how did Meek know that Drizzy was going to say that line? Meek’s response? the ghostwriter told him.


Whether this definitively proves Meek’s claims that Drake has been using a ghostwriter (to a large extent) to pen his rhymes, we still can’t say for sure. But it certainly does not help Drake’s case, that’s for sure. We thought Meek was out the game, but this round goes to him. We can’t wait to see what will go down now.

Listen to ‘War Pain’ below:

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