Kanye West Defends His Anus

Yes, weird headline but hey, this whole Kanye Kardashian-Amber Rose-Blacc Chyna web of conflict and controversy has been pretty bizarre since day one.

On Wednesday things got even weirder when Kanye blasted Wiz Khalifa in a disrespectful rant that insulted his music, lack of originality, his judgement, his baby momma Amber Rose and their child, but ironically praised his fashion sense a lot! Kanye’s distaste with Wiz was a result of the name change for his upcoming album which went from SWISH to WAVES. Apparently when Wiz Khalifa subtweeted Yeezy, claiming that jailed rapper Max B was the only rapper allowed to rep the Wave movement, it reeeeeally pissed Kanye off.

If that wasn’t bad enough, after being called a stripper by ‘Ye, Amber took to twitter to defend herself and called ‘Ye exposing that he is into some super raunchy stuff in the bedroom and calling him a #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch in the below tweets:

AmberKanye has since responded claiming that Amber Rose is all lies.

KanyeAs much as it pains us to have to report this because of its super uncomfortable nature, it is clearly a part of Kanye publicity roll out plan for SWISH… Oh sorry, WAVES. We reeeeally hope the music lives up to all this hype of fingers and butts and sex tapes. *sigh*

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