So here’s the deal, with so much going in SA street culture sometimes certain things slip through the cracks. Don’t worry we gotchu! The #HYPE411 series (4+1+1=six questions) is here and first off is local illustrator OHYESLORD.

1.Okay for all those who don’t know who you are could you break it down for them…

My name’s Hamilton Thindisa also known as OHYESLORD, normal dude who’s an illustrator and streetwear enthusiast from Silverton, Pretoria.

2.What is the role of a graphic designer in SA street culture?

I think our role is to basically bring life to street culture influenced ideas. I also think that we’re here to contribute visually to the culture. Just like hip hop artists contribute to the culture vocally.


3.What originally made you want to become an illustrator/graphic designer?

Back when I was 16 years old, I and a few friends wanted to make a line of t-shirts and one of us had to learn how to use the graphic software (Photoshop) to make the artwork. That ended up being me. I later realised that I really liked doing it.



4.What qualities would you say make-up a true

I think a true creative is one that constantly tries to re-invent themselves. Someone that always tries to move away from the norm and doesn’t believe in living in the comfort zone. Someone who’s always trying to challenge his abilities and finds inspiration in anything.





5.What are you currently fascinated by as a designer and how is it feeding into your work?

I’m currently just feeling simple but strong pieces of work. I’m also fascinated a lot right now by other artists and designers putting more of their personalities and showing more of themselves in their work. So I’m trying to do more of that right now.


6.You obviously are finding a significant level of success. There are kids out there with aspirations of joining the design world. If you could give any parting words to aspiring designers or creatives, what would they be?

Make sure that it’s something you love doing because when things get difficult it makes it that much harder to give up. And have fun with your sh*t!  Especially when you’re starting out, make your work about what interests you and then stick with that.



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