Top 5 Survival Tips For Maftown Heights

One more sleep until Maftwon Heights shuts the city down. . . Anyone as excited as we are?

Khuli Chana, Tuks, Molemi, HHP, Fifi Cooper, Twodeemac, AKA, Yanga, L-tido, Riky Rick, Gigi LaMayne, , Major League DJz, K.O and more.

The line is on steroids as usual and in addition to that, we are seeing some fresh new acts in the form of K2, Priddy Ugly, Aewon Wolf & the Wolfpack, and a couple of others.

Here are our 5 most important survival tips to ensure your Maftwon Heights experience is dope:

  1. Let’s keep it 100, we love Motswako but it can be difficult to keep up with the lyrics all the time (yeah we’re talking to you Lection, Tuks, Fifi Cooper) cos well, we’re not all lyrical geniuses. If you don’t know lyrics to a song you enjoy, just make up your own. No-one will notice.
  2. Do not buy any second hand tickets from anyone. Each year there are more fakes out there than plastic buttocks in the Kardashian household. Make sure you cop from official sources only.
  3. Don’t wear fresh kicks, fam. Ladies, leave the heels at home. This is not fashion week. By the time 6pm hits, the crowd will be so lit in merriment and you don’t wanna be the guy standing in a corner because you don’t want any dust on your kicks/threads (it is inevitable).
  4. Take a cab/uber if you can. The next day is Saturday so you’re pretty much going to get turn all the way up. Be safe out there. (Bring money for a ride home though cos twerking for lifts is just not superunlocked).
  5. Show up with your squad. There are no disadvantages to this… If you spot a fly little something and you need a wingman, you’re sorted. If a fool looks at you funny and he needs reasons not to start something he’ll regret, you’re sorted. Ladies, when you need to hit the loo to do whatever it is ladies do in the bathroom together at social gatherings, you’re sorted.

You have now been unlocked. See you at Maftwon Heights tomorrow!

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