Kanye West Is Finally Releasing His Cruel Summer Movie To The Public

You might or might not know that in conjunction with the release of the 2012 G.O.O.D Music compilation Cruel Summer Ye directed and produced a movie of the same name.

The short film was premiered at the 2012 Cannes Music Festival to a very private audience. Since the film never saw a public release, very little is known about its content. What we do remember though, is the reports of how the movie was screened in a custom pyramid-shaped pavilion theatre,  featuring seven screens – three in the front, one on the floor, one on the ceiling and one on both the right and left side of the space, the concept was inspired by Burberry’s immersive Beijing show in 2011.

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With the exception of a couple of mentions during his miscellaneous rants about changing the movie-watching experience, after the premiere, not a word was spoken from about whether the film would ever see the light of day. Well, now the prospective 2020 presidential candidate has confirmed that he will in fact finally be releasing it to the public in a live In Camera interview. Not much more detail than that was revealed but we’re just happy that it’s finally coming out rightt?

The plot revolves around a character called Rafi (played by Kid Cudi), a high-end car thief, falls in love with a blind Arabian princess whose father (Ali Suliman) will only allow them to wed if he can pass a series of three challenges. In the interview, Kanye also addresses his real aspirations to run for president, how he believes Yeezus and 808s & Heartbreak being better than My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fanstasy, and a whole lot more.

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