Drake’s ‘Back to Back’ Performance Now Includes A Hilarious New Element. Watch Video Here

While Meek unanimously lost the battle in every way possible and has decided to move on with his life by continuing his (girl’s) world tour and pretending like nothing happene, Drizzy doesn’t seem to be done delivering hits to Meek Mill just yet.

If it wasn’t crazy enough that Drake performed the bone-chilling Meek diss joint ‘Back to Back’ at OVO Fest accompanied by social media memes ‘Back to Back’, on Saturday when Drake performed at the Landmark Music Festival in Washington D.C., he performed record breaking song with, wait for it. . . a sign language interpreter. Yup, while Drizzy delivered every daggering bar, there was a lady who was hired to stand on stage and sign each and every word. Watch video here

Either Drake is such a considering person that he didn’t want the hard-of-hearing community to be left out of the entertainment or he is really just taunting Meek. Either way, it’s hilarious that he would go to these lengths considering Meek was is bodied already.

Oh also, after the ‘Back to Back performance’, the crowd broke into a “Fuck Meek Mill chant. Drake’s response? “Don’t worry, he’s dead already.”

Watch the video here

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