Cassper Is In London Taking Shots At AKA: Listen To His Freestyle

Yesterday, a video of Cassper “freestyling” posted by British radio show Factory78 caused some  mild commotion on the interweb streets. This happens to be the same internet radio show that AKA interviewed on when he was in London town three months ago and was asked to comment on his beef with Cassper Nyovest to which he responded: “I’m here in London and people know my name and you just said how you’re not really familiar with his music. What does that tell you?” Now Cassper is the one touring the UK and he had a few things to say in a verse he spit for the station.

Nyovest started off lite saying “Nigga I wouldn’t come out with a scratch on my sleeve, even if you attacked in my sleep,” referring to AKA’s perceived sneak attack with ‘Composure’ after the two had called a truce last year on the back end of the MTV Base Hottest emcee list. Then he flossed a little: “I’ma cop a Bentley the day you cop a BM, Scirocco!/ You already know who the man is, and if it’s not clear come and see me at the mansion.” The line references that fact that AKA drives a VW Scirocco while Cassper owns a BMW and 2 Benz’s and is now the resident of a newly bought mansion while it is rumoured that AKA is living in Da Le.s’s house after his split with former girlfriend and baby momma DJ Zintle.

Despite the obvious jabs, Cassper took to Twitter to assure people that the freestyle was not his official response to AKA’s bone-chilling ‘Composure’ and that when the time comes, he will bring the flames.Cass

Let us know what you think of Cassper’s freestyle below

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