Rouge Goes Rogue In New Song Featuring Reason. Listen & Download

If you copped the June-July and August-September 2015 issues, Rouge needs no introduction; she is also featured in the Royal Tape Hype Sessions Mixtape. (If you haven’t then kindly go throw yourself off a cliff. Just kidding. Not kidding. Okay, kidding. But go cop the issue, dammit.).The PTA-based fire-flame spitter is not one of those she’s-here-for-female-presence-in-the-game rappers; she’s really about this life. And today she emphasizes that with the release of her 3rd single ‘Bua.’

The song features Motif’s golden child Reason, who murks the Timberland bouce-esque instrumental with an inventive flow in the way he’s been doing since he declared #ReazySeason (you really have to listen to it for yourself). As for Rouge, she matches Reason bar for bar. And sticking to the tongue and cheek title of the song she, asserts her place in the game rapping:

Every dancer wanna rap, avoiding 9 to 5

2014 all we needed was a guy on a track, he didn’t even know to rap

Spitting those wack line, but I gotta know how to rap?



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