Bridgette Makhela

Maitele Wawe, a South African creative based in the City of Pretoria in Gauteng is certainly making waves.

A final year Logistics student at the University of Tshwane and 1/3 of the Fashion Rebels trio, as well as the CEO and Founder of the Social Market in Pretoria.

The Social Market is a monthly event, an initiative aimed at uplifting young talent in and around the city of Tshwane.

The focus is on four creative elements:





“These are elements that we feel are dominant in our generation currently and have the potential to grow broader. What we do is provide a platform for all creatives. In doing so, it allows them to gain recognition in their respective crafts, we achieve this by inviting them to set up stalls and trade within the social market at a reasonably low fee. After a lot of thought and demographic research over the last couple of years and also the realization of the gap in this particular industry in the City of Tshwane, where you’d find a lot of the youth leaving the city to attend similar events in Johannesburg and the likes, the initiative was officially born in 2014, with the first event being hosted in September.”

So the next time you end up in PTA, go check out the Social Market for some awesomely cool trends, there’s a whole world of creativity out there!

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