Republic of Extra Cold Shuts It Down!

If you thought your table at the club was popping this past weekend because you had a couple of dimes a few bottles of that stuff that had you crawling to your Uber in sheer oblivion at 4am, we’ll raise you one: Republic of Extra Cold Island.

Imagine an uninhabited island of beautiful fauna and dark waters, specifically conditioned with dope production (lights, sound, tents, stages) and awesome activations (PS4 stands, food stalls, multiple bars) for the sole purpose of having a bad-ass exclusive, invite-only party. And then screw your imagination and accept the realisation that it exists, and you have the Republic of Extra Cold.

On Saturday the island (with a location that shall remain discreet) was inhabited by the 200 winners and a handful of some of the dopest entertainers and media personalities including Major League, Reason, Milkshake, Twins on Deck, Poppy, Sizwe Dhlomo, Shady Lurker and most notably our two men of the moment DJ Speedsta and DJ Dimplez. Every jockey rocked the crowd from the afternoon into the evening, creating a sonic journey that started with old skool jams (shout out to whoever played KC & Jojo), moved to the classic 2000s (shout out to Speedy’s G-Until moment) and then eventually the eruptive turn up, ushered in by Dimplez, that followed the reveal of the domed party space when the sun went down.

When Khuli Chana, the only artist to perform on the night, hit the stage, the fact that the temperature had declined to like 10 degrees didn’t seem to matter anymore. Shirts went off and shoes were flying as the crowd raged to the sounds of the MotswakOriginator. After the performance, Milkshake and the Castle Lite dancers carried the energy through to the eventual end of the event, which had everyone and their mommas bouncing out of the venue like energiser bunnies.

Attention to detail from a production perspective, a fun ass theme, fresh tunes all night, a twerking president (shout to Pearl Thusi and her errr. . . assets) and V.I.P treatment. The only thing we can imagine better than this is repeating it in the summer.

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Check out some dope snaps of the night below:



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